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EASTER BUNNIES: Local children to cycle 100km in four weeks and donate one hundred Easter eggs to Coventry foodbank

EASTER BUNNIES: Local children to cycle 100km in four weeks and donate one hundred Easter eggs to Coventry foodbank

Local children Elias, age 6, and Irah, aged 4, are starting their journey to cycle 100 kilometres throughout March. The pair want to raise enough money to donate 100 Easter Eggs to Coventry Foodbank. Their effort will be a part of Coventry Foodbank’s Easter appeal which encourages donations of Easter Eggs and chocolates to give to those in need at Easter.

The Coventry-based children plan to cycle the five kilometers round trip from their home to Coventry War Memorial Park twenty times this month as their mother, Natasha, runs alongside.

Natasha Hindmarsh says, “We heard about the Foodbank’s Easter appeal through the Coventry Foodbank Facebook pageI couldn’t believe how excited the kids were to get on board - and not just to donate an egg ourselves, but  raise money to buy one hundred! I just hope I can keep up running beside them as they cycle the five kilometres twenty times over the next four weeks.”

Elias, age 6, says, “I just wanted to do something to help people, and everyone should get an Easter egg. I love cycling and think it will be a good way to be outside, do some exercise and help people at the same time.”

Coventry Foodbank was established at the start of 2011, now through its 12 citywide food distribution centres, it has rapidly become one of the largest foodbanks across the country. Recently, the Coventry Foodbank has become part of Feed The Hungry, a charity which worked holistically with food provision organisations to find a way to end the need for emergency food in the city. The Easter Appeal hopes to bring the joy of Easter to many local families in crisis.

Hugh McNeill, Manager of the Coventry Foodbank says, “The COVID pandemic has impacted us all - but those living in or near the poverty line have been disproportionately impacted. The small gift of an Easter egg can bring such hope to families in crisis, it helps them feel they are remembered. I’m so excited for what Elias and Irah are doing, and humbled that have recognised the difference they can make to those in need in their local community by doing something they love for a great cause. I hope they will be the ‘Captain Tom’s’ of their generation, and inspire others to step out for those around them in need.”

You can follow Elias and Irah’s progress, and show your support: Click here

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