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KINGS HEATH: Wine O’Clock off-licence met with opposition from residents

KINGS HEATH: Wine O’Clock off-licence met with opposition from residents

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An objector to a Kings Heath off-licence said there is a street drinking problem including people “urinating” and “sleeping with a can next to them”.

An application for a premises licence from Wine O’Clock to sell alcohol from 7am until 11pm has been met by five letters of objection from residents.

The shop is located at Silver Street, just off Kings Heath High Street.

The application will be considered by councillors on a Birmingham City Council licensing sub-committee next week (March 30).

The letters state a new off-licence would “increase the possibility of public nuisance” and a “drinking culture”.

One states: “The thought that this being a daily occurrence is just not acceptable – it will cause a disruption within the neighbourhoods.

“Drunken people screaming and shouting on their way home, arguments and fights breaking out, public damage all increasing crime and disorder.

“I’ve seen many times during a jog in Kings Heath park or even on the High Street people drinking, urinating or even sleeping with a can next to them.

“It’s not a pleasant sight – we have a few schools in Kings Heath – children and school kids walking past and this just isn’t the right image we are portraying to them.”

Another states: “I can think of more than one occasion at my local Nisa where mass theft of alcohol took place, and the police didn’t even bother coming out, instead just providing a case reference and a follow-up call.”

Another states: “I live very close to this site and I have a daughter who is usually in bed by 9pm – to grant the store an alcohol licence which would close at 11pm will be disastrous.

“I fear drunken disorder not to mention property damage to cars and silver balloon drug canisters left by teens littered all over the floor.”

Another states: “The local residents will see lots of anti-social behaviour from drunken customers late at night who can’t handle their drink or those who have been refused a drink and resort to violence and threats, damaging property.”

The licensing sub-committee can be viewed at from 10am on March 30.

Words: Mark Cardwell, Local Democracy Reporter

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