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LOCAL UPDATE: West Midlands Police appeal for witnesses to Perry Barr crash & Dudley Zoo and Castle set for April re-opening


West Midlands Police appeal for witnesses to Perry Barr crash & Dudley Zoo and Castle set for April re-opening.

First in your local update, the Public Health England West Midlands Health Protection Lead is urging the local community to stick to the new road map rules around Easter to ensure the region is not hit by a surge of Covid cases.

Katie Spence, Deputy Director with Public Health England West Midlands said,

‘West Midlands used to be the region with the highest case rates in the UK. Thanks to the community working hard we are doing much better. But I am concerned that with the freedoms given to us this week, especially with socialising over the Easter bank holiday, rates could go up again. We need people to stick to the rules, otherwise the roadmap is at risk. Most people respect the rules and think about the health and safety of their loved ones and I thank you all for that.

‘Up to six people or two households can now meet outdoors.  Let’s all hope that we have some good weather this Easter. We all know that outdoor is safer. It will be lovely for people to see friends and family again, but we do still need to be cautious because we haven’t got a fully vaccinated population yet. Some people who’ve had both doses will still transmit the virus, even if protected from serious illness. The most important thing to do when you are outdoors is to keep the two-metre social distancing, and if you do have symptoms - however mild - do not meet up with your friends or family and go and have a test.’

Next, West Midlands Police have launched a fresh appeal for witnesses to a crash in Perry Barr in which sixteen year-old Liam Mooney was killed. The incident happened on Rocky Lane at around seven twenty pm on Monday evening.

Finally, Dudley Zoo and Castle are all set to re-open from April the twelfth. Derek Grove, director of the Zoo said,

“We’re delighted to be able to welcome back members of the public on site in less than a fortnight. This is the third and longest lockdown we’ve endured in a year, which has again been incredibly costly for a charity such our ours.

“In the last 12 months we’ve lost around £800,000, so reopening can’t come soon enough as we’ve carried on as normal with our usual day-to-day care of our exotic animal collection.

“During the last few months it’s been really encouraging to receive lots of messages from visitors who are looking forward to returning and seeing all of our recent arrivals and development work across the site, so there’ll be lots of new things to see, including a Colombian black spider monkey, gelada, ring-tailed lemur, Bactrian camel and Barbary sheep.

“And we’ve worked hard to ensure visitors can return for a fun day out and all our previous safety measures, including pre-booked online tickets only, timed entry slots, reduced visitor numbers, a one-way system and hand sanitising stations around the 40-acre site remain in place ready and waiting to protect our staff, animals and public.”

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