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A BYRNING VISION: West Midlands Mayor candidate Liam Byrne has set out 7 key pledges

A BYRNING VISION: West Midlands Mayor candidate Liam Byrne has set out 7 key pledges

Labour's West Midlands Mayor candidate Liam Byrne has set out 7 key pledges for the upcoming election in May in a whistle stop tour of the West Midlands.

In a press release, he said that these have been drawn from over 10, 000 individual conversations, ideas, thoughts and comments sent in by residents from across the West Midlands. They were announced on a tour of the whole WMCA area at places such as Centenary Square in Birmingham, Solihull Police Station and Molineux Stadium, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers

The 7 pledges are:

Get Our Share: 
Win a fair share for the West Midlands, the Heart of Britain, and stand up to Government to guarantee we get every penny we deserve.

Lead Green Britain: 
Become the UK’s first net-zero carbon region and secure 200,000 skilled green trades and manufacturing jobs.

Bring Back Industry: 
Become a world capital of green manufacturing, turn brownfield sites into green industry zones, double apprentice numbers with free retraining for workers who have lost jobs.

Build More Homes: 
Double the number of truly affordable warm homes we build to put a roof over everyone's head - but we'll build on brownfield first not the greenbelt. Let's have the homes we need without losing the places we love.

Support Our Youth: 
Help our children and grandchildren succeed, and keep them safe from knife crime, starting with youth workers back in every neighbourhood.

Protect Our Safety: 
Surge in an extra 450 community police officers to boost police numbers in every neighbourhood to fight crime and make our streets safer.

Champion Community Spirit: 
A decade of investment into the soul of community life: grassroots sport, arts, parks, green spaces, high streets, markets and festivals.


Liam Byrne said, ‘This is a plan with a difference. It’s been shaped and written by thousands of people of the region over the last year.

‘What’s crystal clear is that after everything we’ve been through this last year, residents simply do not want to go back to what we had before Covid. Because the blunt truth is that even before Covid, under our Tory Mayor, life in our region was getting poorer, less safe and healthy life expectancy was falling.

'So it’s time for a Mayor who’ll be a strong voice for our region, determined for our region to be a leader again, and focused on the things we need to get done. Bringing back industry and jobs, building more homes people can actually afford, supporting our young people, protecting our safety and championing our incredible community spirit.

'Crucially, we’ve got to become the place that leads Green Britain.

‘We’ve been overlooked for long. It’s time to turn that around.'


He is looking to unseat the Conservative Mayor Andy Street.

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