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DEMOLITION: ‘Crazy and unfair’ house offer blasted for Gildas Avenue

DEMOLITION: ‘Crazy and unfair’ house offer blasted for Gildas Avenue

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Readers have blasted the council’s “crazy and unfair” offer to a homeowner threatened with the demolition of his home.

Carl Harris, 64, lives on deserted Gildas Avenue, where the majority of houses have been bulldozed to make way for a new estate.

Birmingham City Council wants to demolish Mr Harris’ home too – but he says the £120,000 they have offered him is not enough to afford a similar house in the area.

He has been locked in negotiations with the council for 15 years, and now says he will challenge a potential compulsory purchase order for the house in court.

Following a Local Democracy Reporting Service story last week, readers have come out in overwhelming support for the father-of-one.

Many called on the council to increase their offer to Mr Harris so that he will be able to afford a suitable house similar to the one he has called home for 30 years.

John Noonan wrote on Facebook: “I do not blame him one little bit. If it is true what he says that they can build two to three properties where his house is, […] they will probably be on the market for more than they have offered him.”

Alexandra Gaspar–Young wrote: “Don’t blame him at all. He has a house with a garden, he won’t be able to buy the same for £120,000. Clearly also putting him through a lot of stress.

“Why should he loose out [financially]? He has brought that house.”

John Perkins posted: “Good on him, stand your ground, they can afford it, the amount of money they make out of one house will cover it.”

Rachel Phillips wrote: “He will not be able to buy a house for what they are offering and why should he have to go get a mortgage and start over again?

“It’s crazy and unfair – let’s be honest what the council offer him will still be far below what other houses will cost to build/sell on that [site].”

Debbie Pilkington posted: “Poor person. I had a friend whose council decided to sell the whole council estate to a private developer.

“He locked himself inside his house, wouldn’t accept the offer they gave him on compulsory order.

“In the end he was given one of the new-build as compensation. Its worth being a pain to get what you want.”

A council spokesperson has previously stated: “Letters were sent to the affected property owners on the Pool Farm Estate, Kings Norton on 24 March 2021 – including Carl Harris regarding his property in Gildas Avenue.

“These included a notice, made under Section 16 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, stating it was the council’s wish to secure acquisition of his property.

“Birmingham Property Services officers continue to negotiate with Mr Harris on a voluntary basis. It is hoped agreement can be reached through this negotiation, however if not, it is proposed that a compulsory purchase order be made on this property.”

Words: Mark Cardwell, Local Democracy Reporter

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