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BATTLES FOR SPACES: Measures to end road rage on streets

BATTLES FOR SPACES: Measures to end road rage on streets

Image: LDRS

A new traffic system on tight residential roads in Walsall is finally set to come into force to stop warring motorists battling in the street.

A one-way system will be implemented on Moncrieffe Street, Florence Street and Lumley Road, in a bid to end issues such as motorists unable to pass one another or battles for scarce parking spots creating tension.

It represents the end of a campaign by Chuckery ward councillors Waheed Rasab, Gurmeet Singh Sohal and Nick Gandham who have been calling for action to be taken.

In February last year, residents said they had witnessed violence, verbal abuse and damage to vehicles on a regular basis.

Trouble flared when motorists coming from opposite ends of the street were unable to pass as a result of parked cars on both sides. There have also been issues with bin lorries and emergency services vehicles being blocked.

Council bosses said the new proposal was set to be signed off and the scheme implemented in the coming weeks.

Councillor Rasab said: “We are very pleased to hear these extremely important measures will be implemented very soon.

“Residents have worked closely with us ward councillors to get a one-way system introduced and we thank them for the support they have given us to ensure this campaign was successful.

“This is a close knit community where most people live peacefully and happily so it is sad to see tensions rise and flash points between motorists ruining that.

“Families, the elderly and young children should not have to witness fights and arguments between drivers who can’t pass one another or find a parking spot.

“We are sure this new system will help resolve the issues people have suffered for too long now.”

Councillor Adrian Andrew, deputy leader of Walsall Council said, “In a positive response to the feedback from residents following requests from ward councillors, the council is progressing the proposed changes of a one-way traffic system to the following roads in Chuckery; Moncrieffe Street, Florence Street and Lumley Road.

“With schemes like this there is a lot to consider and better to do it properly rather than rush it.

“Having considered the responses to the formal consultation, Walsingham Street will be removed from the scheme but the proposals regarding the surrounding roads will remain unchanged, a great success for the local campaign.”


Words: Gurdip Thandi, Local Democracy Reporter

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