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BIRMINGHAM: Longbridge veterinary surgery given green light

BIRMINGHAM: Longbridge veterinary surgery given green light

How the new veterinary centre in Longbridge could look once complete - image courtesy of Birmingham City Council

A ‘highly specialised’ veterinary surgery spanning up to 3,500 square metres in Longbridge has been given the go-ahead.

Located on Bristol Road South, the proposed building and use would be bespoke, comprising a highly specialised diagnostic, treatment and research centre within the veterinary sector.

Operating on a referral basis, it would cater for some of the most high-tech and leading diagnostic and treatments within the sector.

It would include a range of facilities which are expected to include CT, MRI, XRay, endoscopy, ultrasonography assessments, general surgical, orthopaedic and rheumatology interventions, physiotherapy, radiography, oncology and chemotherapy treatments as well as facilities for research and specialist assessments into specialist treatments.

The building will be a two-storey construction, with the ground floor comprised of the main entrance, waiting area, consultation rooms, research functions, ICU ward, theatres and service areas while the first floor would comprise of offices, lecture rooms, staff rooms, staff welfare areas and access to plant on first floor.

The site was formerly part of the wider MG Rover car plant which closed in 2005, and is located close to the new Longbridge town centre.

The facility will operate twenty-four hours a day though, with the exception of emergency admissions, public access will be limited from early morning to mid evening, with the majority of animal owners accompanying their pets to consultation and post-operation reviews or staying with them for shorter, nonanaesthetised/waking procedures.

A total of 150 full-time staff are proposed for the facility, though papers note that it is unlikely that all staff would ever be present on the site at any one time.

The proposals were passed by a unanimous vote at today’s (Nov 25) planning committee, with work on the plans set to get underway some time in the new year.

Words: Tom Dare, Local Democracy Reporter

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