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NO CHARGE: Drivers won’t face charges for the first two weeks of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone

NO CHARGE: Drivers won’t face charges for the first two weeks of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone


Drivers will not be charged for entering Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) for the first two weeks, the city council has announced.

Enforcement of the scheme was due to begin on June 1, but has been delayed until June 14.

Non compliant cars, taxis and vans will have to pay an £8 daily charge, with enforcement cameras in operation.

Coaches, buses and HGVs which do not meet the minimum requirements face a £50 charge for entering the zone.

A Clean Air Zone is an area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality, in particular by discouraging the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone. No vehicle is banned in the zone, but those which do not have clean enough engines will have to pay a daily charge if they travel within the area.

The Government has said that Birmingham needs a Clean Air Zone and that the city needs to reduce levels of NO2 in the air to a maximum average of 40μg/m3 as soon as possible. Once that target is reached, the council want to continue to lower the amount of NO2 and particulate matter in the air as far as they can.

The scheme was originally scheduled to go live in 2020; however, in response to the impact of Covid-19, the launch date was postponed until June 2021.

Following a public consultation, Birmingham City Council plan to give some people more time to prepare for the Clean Air Zone with short term exemptions from the charges, and hope to offer additional support to some people who would find it more difficult to make the change away from a more polluting vehicle.

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone covers all the roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road, but not the Middleway itself.

It will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The charges will be applied daily. A non-compliant vehicle driving in the Zone will pay once for the day, then may drive in the area without limit on that day.

You can find out if you will be charged by inputting your vehicle registration details into the Government vehicle checker.

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