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BURNED OUT: ‘Firebombed’ abandoned car finally moved

BURNED OUT: ‘Firebombed’ abandoned car finally moved

Image: LDRS

A burned-out car that sat abandoned on a residential street for weeks in Birmingham has finally been removed by the council.

Flagged as abandoned by residents of Old Bromford Lane a few weeks ago, the car has been the subject of several spates of vandalism since being left, with stones thrown to smash windows.

And this culminated a few nights ago in an arson attack on the vehicle which left it as nothing more than a burned out shell.

Speaking yesterday about the car before it was removed by the council, Cllr Majod Mahmood (Lab, Bromford and Hodge Hill) said: “The car was flagged as abandoned a few weeks back by residents . However the road tax and MOT was valid so there was little we could do to tow it .

“At that time of the initial report there was no damage to the vehicle, however over the last few days the vehicle has been damaged presumably with stones in the first instance and last night it was firebombed.

“I asked the local police to contact the owner and/or tow the vehicle themselves. We cannot have a badly damaged vehicle plonked on a residential street. It is a risk to pedestrians, drivers and a magnet for further ASB.

“I really do think we need to have a system in place working with the council, local police and fire service to take immediate action when cars are reported by residents as being abandoned even when the road tax and MOT is valid to prevent anti-social behaviour.

“The fire could have caused serous harm to individuals and property. I would like to thank the residents who brought this to our attention.”

Pictures show council workers arriving today (Wednesday) to tow the car, with Cllr Mahmood taking to Twitter afterward to thank the council, writing: “I’m really pleased that the “battered” car that was left for weeks on Old Bromford Lane has been towed away.

“Thank you so much to West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and the residents in Bromford and Hodge Hill for their help throughout.”


Words: Tom Dare, Local Democracy Reporter

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