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DIGBETH: The streets set to be transformed in redevelopment

DIGBETH: The streets set to be transformed in redevelopment

Rea Studios and Teamworks Karting are just some of the buildings set to be demolished to make way for a mammoth redevelopment scheme in Digbeth.

Swathes of buildings along some of the area’s most iconic streets will be almost unrecognisable following the development, with some streets set to lose over 80 per cent of its buildings.

Approved last week by the council, plans are now in place to demolish more than 59 buildings across Digbeth to make way for a brand new layout, which features 2,000 new homes, a Sky Park, a nightclub and more.

All nationally listed buildings in the area are set to be retained with minimal alterations, though some locally listed buildings will be replaced, including Rea Studios and the the former Crown Metal Works now known as Teamworks

But what exactly are the plans, and how will they affect the local area? Here, the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) gives you a breakdown of the plans.

Floodgate Street

One of the main thoroughfares of the new development, several buildings along Floodgate Street are set to be demolished.

These include Rea Studios, located on the corner of Little Ann Street, which was only announced as the new home of the Birmingham Screen and Film School back in March. Demolition of this locally listed building has also drawn criticism from some local organisations, such as Brutiful Brum, who have asked for the plans to be redrawn in order to save the building.

Approximately 11 other buildings will also be demolished along Floodgate Street.

River Street

Located just off Floodgate Street, all of the frontages along River Street are set to be maintained, though there are plans to demolish a whole host of buildings located just off the road.

Approximately 16 buildings in total off River Street will be demolished.

Milk Street

Approximately four buildings are earmarked for demolition along Milk Street.

Barn Street

Backing on to Floodgate Street, Barn Street has a total of two street-facing buildings set for demolition.

Fazeley Street

Five buildings along Fazeley Street are set to go, including Teamworks Karting, a popular go-karting and laser tag venue.

Heath Mill Lane

Another of the main thoroughfares in the new development, around 12 buildings are set to be demolished along the road.

These would appear to include the Access Creative College, which describes itself as the ‘leading college for the creative industries’,  and several other buildings used by businesses.

Liverpool Street

Located on the boundary of the development, Liverpool Street also has a number of buildings earmarked for demolition, including six on the main stretch of the road.

Allcock Street

One of the streets set to be hardest hit by the new development, virtually every building along the road is set to go bar three, which are being retained with alterations set to be made.

Lower Trinity Street

Another street which is set to see the majority of its buildings go, Lower Trinity Street is one of several areas known for its street art. It is not yet known whether any of the street art will be maintained.

High Street Deritend

The vast majority of the buildings facing High Street Deritend are set to be retained, with several listed buildings among them.

It appears that the William Hawkes Blacksmiths building will be one of those to go.

Words: Tom Dare, Local Democracy Reporter

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