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DRAG DIVERSITY: Queens from Drag Race voice their opinions about the show’s inclusivity

Drag Queens Willam and Karen from Finance voice their opinions about the importance of diversity

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a show stopping show with franchises and spin-offs all over the world. With the likes of Canada, Australia, Spain and Thailand having their own, the programme has taken the world by storm and grown in popularity over it’s decade long crusade of popular culture.

With the self-described ‘Queen of drag’ RuPaul ruling the roosts and holding the power to crown superstars, questions have been raised over the years about how inclusive the show is to drag queens born women and drag kings respectively.

The e is catered towards primarily queens, but many people, including the stars of the various franchises, have stated that the show has a long way to go to ensure that the full calibration of the art form is represented fairly and that opportunities are given out in a fairer way.

A total of 12 queens will be sashaying down the runway and taking on dancing, singing, and comedy challenges in order to win the top prize. Amongst those hoping to impress with their charm, uniqueness, and drag prowess this series is the show’s first-ever cisgender female drag queen, Portsmouth-born Victoria Scone.

The other competitors are Veronica Green (who returns to the show after testing positive for Covid-19 in series two), Vanity Milan, Scarlett Harlett, River Medway, Krystal Versace, Kitty Scott-Claus, Ella Vaday, Elektra Fence, Charity Kase, Choriza May and Anubis.

Drag has seen a massive surge in popularity over the years and the idea of the art form is being taken into account in mainstream media. Where as many people in mainstream society are probably more aware of cisgender woman performing drag, their are so many avenues that have yet received attention in comparison to RuPaul’s drag race.

The franchise crowned it’s first ever trans woman as the winner of a season this year, however, many performers all over the world have voiced that this is not new news.

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