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“DELAY ENDING LOCKDOWN”: Government advisors warn against ending restrictions


Calls have been made to delay the end of lockdown. 

Government advisors are calling for the end of lockdown on June 21 to be delayed amid a mounting wave of coronavirus infections.

Government advisor and microbiologist Professor Ravi Gupta said “it will probably take longer than earlier waves to emerge because of the fact that we do have quite high levels of vaccination in the population, so there may be a false sense of security for some time, and that’s our concern.”

It comes as NHS chiefs warn that the backlog of treatments could cause hospitals to be overstretched again.

More than 29 million people have been given their first coronavirus jab, and a further 25.3 million have had their second dose.

The Government will wait until June 14 to assess the latest data before deciding on wether or not to end restrictions.

All limits on social contact were scheduled to be lifted on June 21. But this is looking increasingly unlikely as variants of COVID spread through the population.

Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) spoke to Sky News about the issue.

He said “In a way, I think, the dates [of the roadmap] all the way through were created just to give everyone some kind of sense of structure.

"But they were always qualified as being based on what actually happened and that they could change. I think there's a significant chance that it could change.

"We're better off being cautious at this point and being able to progressively unlock ourselves than to overdo it and then end up having to lockdown fully all over again."

For now, experts are urging people to stick to the current guidelines where possible to slow the spread of the virus, mixing outdoors where possible, or keeping windows open and upholding hand hygiene if meeting others indoors.

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