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MACHETE ATTACK: Nightclub could lose licence after attack

MACHETE ATTACK: Nightclub could lose licence after attack

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A city centre nightclub could lose its licence after one of its door staff was captured on CCTV attacking three men with a machete.

The owner of Pavo, formerly known as Latin Pavo Bar and Restaurant, is due to go before the council’s licensing committee next Monday (Aug 23) to find out whether the bar’s licence will be revoked, after having it temporarily suspended at the end of July.

This was following an expedited review called by West Midlands Police, who asked for the licence to be temporarily suspended following a shocking chain of events which left three men with machete wounds – one of whom sustained a 2-3 inch gash to the forehead.

Police reports from the night of the attack detail how three men were seen speaking with a member of door staff outside the club at around 4am on the morning of June 25.

“At approximately 0400 that day three males approach the premises and are seen in conversation with a member of door staff,” papers from next week’s meeting state.

“The member of door staff goes into the premises and comes out armed with what appears to be a machete.

“He then uses this to attack the three people causing two of them cuts to their hands and a third a 2 to 3 inch cut to his head.

“The machete had therefore either been brought into licensed premises by somebody (perhaps the security guard, or someone else) or alternatively was an item kept on the premises all the time.

“Either of these was unacceptable, and a risk to licensing objectives.

“The three males then make off to escape further injury.”

During the initial hearing back at the end of July (29), the premises licence holder tried to argue that the member of door staff had acted independently, and that his actions could not have been foreseen by the club or its staff.

He also asked the committee to take into account the impact suspension of the licence would have on the business, given they have only recently reopened following Covid.

Such arguments did not persuade the committee, though, who decided on a temporary suspension of the licence pending a full hearing, which will take place next week.

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