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NOISE FEARS: Outdoor screenings of England games opposed

NOISE FEARS: Outdoor screenings of England games opposed

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A deli in Sutton Coldfield has applied to show England games in its garden – but has been opposed over noise fears.

And the Deli in Boldmere, Boldmere Road, has already shown games despite opposition from police, a licensing hearing heard – though staff said they were unaware a counter notice had been served.

Staff at the venue have applied for a number of temporary event notices (TENs) to extend the times they can use a screen in the venue’s garden to show the Euro games.

But the plan has been opposed by West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council’s environmental health team in light of previous concerns from neighbours about noise.

The concerns were heard at a Birmingham City Council licensing sub-committee meeting yesterday (June 29) ahead of England’s victory against Germany taking them to the quarter-finals.

Matthew and Pippa Goode, owners of the Deli, applied for the TENs for multiple dates on June 17 in order to use the garden past 9pm – a restriction currently imposed on the venue.

The owners said relationships with neighbours had improved dramatically since permission was first granted for the garden.

Mr Goode said: “We created a garden about three or four years ago which has a 90-person capacity and at the time of applying for our current licence we had kick back from the neighbours.

“That is why we have some of the conditions that are imposed on us today that we are trying to extend.

“The relationships we have had with the neighbours who were complaining at the time have improved dramatically.

“This is one of the reasons that we feel able to apply for the TENs without it causing any conflict with the licensing objectives.”

The venue has shown two of the previous England games – though it was heard West Midlands Police had opposed those and a counter notice was served from the council.

Mr Goode said an email from police had gone to junk and he hadn’t received an email from licensing saying “don’t run the event”.

He said: “What we are trying to apply for is for the Euros which are ongoing, we are trying to show the England games […] in their entirety.

“Because of the fact they start at 8pm, we need an extra hour or two hours to finish the games so everyone can have a nice enjoyable experience.

“We won’t be extending our licensing hours or even open on the majority of the dates we have applied for TENs.

“I only applied for multiple dates because of the fact I had to apply ahead of times and the dates England were going to play on were variable.

“We have shown two of the three previous games – the Scotland game most importantly – and these have all run without any incident, everyone has been sat down and they have just run very smoothly, family-friendly.

“Our aims are to be family-friendly and offer a viewing experience which is less rowdy than your traditional pub.”

The meeting heard the venue would like to show the final even if England do not make it that far.

Huram Taj of West Midlands Police said there were conditions in place against the use of speakers in the outside area and opening past 9pm.

He said: “It sounds like these have been breached already.

“They have put the TEN in but not waited to see if it has been granted. As far as I am aware we did object to that being granted.

“All good intentions aside, I just don’t see it is viable for an England game at a major tournament to be hosted in such a residential area that has a history of noise complaints.”

Martin Key of environmental health said the council has in the past received a “large number of complaints about the premises along Boldmere Road”.

He said: “It’s an outdoor event and no mitigation is being proposed. There is no noise management plan, there is no Covid risk assessment and both of these TENs are requesting applications for dates prior to any additional reduction of restrictions by the Government therefore Covid is a significant risk in terms of a large number of people in a rear garden.”

“I don’t think there is anything the applicant could offer that would mitigate the risk of causing nuisance to neighbours.”

The sub-committee – consisting of chair Cllr Mike Leddy (Lab, Brandwood and King’s Heath), Cllr Mike Sharpe (Lab, Pype Hayes) and Cllr Adam Higgs (Con, Highter’s Heath) – will give its decision in five days.


Words: Mark Cardwell, Local Democracy Reporter

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