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PLASTIC SAVVY: Experts claim cutting back on plastic use is BETTER than going plastic-free


80% of Brits don’t think they could go a single day without using plastic. The average person uses 10 single-use supermarket bags per week. Consumers are trying to do their bit for the planet - half now own a reusable bottle and over a third own a reusable coffee cup.


We rely on plastic for so many things – shopping bags, water bottles and food packaging to name a few. But as we become more eco-conscious as a nation, there is a push to use alternative materials, or get better at reusing the materials we have.


With over 80% of Brits admitting they couldn’t go a single day without using plastic, there is still some way to go, which is why eco-company Circular&Co. is urging people to get plastic savvy rather than get rid of it altogether.


The biggest offender in the fight to get more plastic savvy is the everyday supermarket plastic bag. According to new research, the average each person uses 10 single-use supermarket bags a week - that’s 671 MILLION nationwide every single week.


The tide is turning though, with many people willing take drastic measures to help the UK clean up its act. Over a third (35%) of Brits polled reckon they would be willing to give up social media if it meant the whole of the UK went plastic free for a whole year. A further third (33%) would give up alcohol, and around a quarter would even go without chocolate (25%) to give the planet a break.


Many of the British public have already started making the changes necessary to become more plastic savvy in our everyday lives. Half of those polled now own a reusable bottle and over a third (36%) own a reusable coffee cup, which considering over 2.5 billion coffee cups end up in landfill each year, is promising but still just a drop in the ocean.


However, there is confusion over how to best dispose of plastic products – a quarter of people admit they never check packaging for instructions on this, assuming as long as it goes in some form of recycling bin, they have done their bit.


Consciences are catching up though, with 3 out of 5 people saying they have felt guilty for knowingly not recycling items properly.


Luckily for consumers, there are some great minds working on sustainable solutions to make greener choices as easy as possible. Founder of eco-company Circular&Co, Dan Dicker, uses the process of Circular Design to extend the life of our resources, actively taking away from piles of landfill by reusing materials.

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