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STAFFORDSHIRE: Hospice to continue collecting resuable items from household waste centres

STAFFORDSHIRE: Hospice to continue collecting resuable items from household waste centres

A Google Street View Image Of The Entrance To Cannock Household Waste Recycling Centre And Reuse Shop.

A Staffordshire hospice will continue to collect reusable items taken by residents to the county’s household waste recycling centres until March 2023.

Stafford-based Katharine House Hospice has run a re-use facility at the Cannock Household Waste Recycling Centre for several years. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit it received around 150,000 items from household waste recycling centres across the county each year, of which 80% were able to be reused and offered for sale at a store in Cannock to help boost the charity’s funds.

The running of Staffordshire’s 14 household waste recycling centres is being brought in-house by Staffordshire County Council from March 30 2022, after previously being outsourced.

The county council is also considering future plans for the management of re-use items taken to the centres, but for the time being Katharine House Hospice will continue to be involved in this process.

At this month’s Property Sub-Committee meeting (November 3) members agreed to lease part of the Cannock Household Waste Recycling Centre at Lichfield Road to Katharine House Hospice until March 31 2023, for a “peppercorn rent” of just £1 a year.

Councillor Samantha Thompson, who represents the Cannock Villages division, said: “I think it should stay the same at the end of the day. They’re doing what they should be doing and helping to save money in the long run.”

Councillor Ian Parry, cabinet member for finance and resources, said “I think this is a brilliant idea. If it’s doable, remodel it in all of our sites.

“There is a great opportunity for reuse recycling in our recycling centres. The problem is the public don’t get access to it.

“If anyone goes to a recycling centre you see things very often that have value or you could reuse yourself. There is so much stuff that goes to recycling centres that is reusable – all we need is a method of doing it better because I’m not sure if we do maximise that opportunity.

“For a local charity to benefit from this as well – and particularly one that is a respected charity like Katharine House – seems for me a good public service, a good way for charities to raise some money and a good way for the environment to benefit from reuse and recycle.”

Council leader Alan White said: “It is a great idea and I’m all for this sort of thing because it plays to the environmental agenda and it supports a local charity – what’s not to like?”

At a recent Prosperous Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting Councillor Simon Tagg, cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change, said the authority could make the re-use scheme even more successful in the future by opening it up to more charities across the county.

Committee member Councillor Graham Hutton said: “Staffordshire is a very large county and I think we should be doing as much as possible to reduce the mileage that vehicles travel. Taking stuff from Newcastle down to Cannock for example adds to climate change and I think as a council we should be doing everything in our power to reduce unnecessary journeys.

“I think it’s great stuff goes to charity but perhaps go to charities that are closer to the recycling sites.”

Councillor Mark Deaville, cabinet member for commercial matters, responded: “I can think of 10 good local charities close to where you are that those items could go to. That’s one of the key objectives – to make the most of our recycling and looking at making the most of this really good opportunity for local charities.”

Words: Kerry Ashdown, Local Democracy Reporter

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