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STAFFORDSHIRE: New convenience store granted premises licence

STAFFORDSHIRE: New convenience store granted premises licence

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A new town centre convenience store has been granted permission to sell alcohol – but booze sales must stop at 10pm.

The former Boots pharmacy in Park Road, Cannock, is being transformed into a Londis branch.

There have been no objections to the premises licence application from responsible authorities including police and Cannock Chase Council’s environmental health department. But proposals to serve alcohol until 11pm sparked concern from residents living in nearby Old Penkridge Mews.

One said: “I consider 11pm too late for the sale of alcohol.

“7am is too early for deliveries and would cause disturbance to residents in such a residential area, bearing in mind residents residing in Old Penkridge Mews are directly opposite the car park and rear entrance to the premises.

“Although there are 10 parking spaces, at least four of those are used by residents living above the premises.

“Shoppers wishing to shop in town also use it because it is free.

“It is well known that traffic is very heavy in Park Road.”

Another objector said: “I have been approached by a number of residents at Old Penkridge Mews, many of which are retired and of an age where they want to live a peaceful life, in fear of allowing this premises to sell alcohol during what will be at times unsociable hours.

“Allowing this site to open 7am to 11pm and sell alcohol during this period will attract a high footfall of customers during late nights, as well as deliveries and other traffic.

“The increase in traffic will disturb the residents during the late hours in the evening, meaning that it will be impossible for the lower ground and first floor flats to sleep before the shop has closed.

“I am sure that this is not something you would want immediately adjacent to your own home, so why should the residents of Old Penkridge Mews be expected to put up with it?

On Wednesday (June 2) Cannock Chase Council granted the premises licence for the new store. But conditions include a 10pm closing time and deliveries may only take place between 9am and 11am.

It was also emphasised that the premises was to be run as a convenience store, not an off-licence.

Patrick Burke, the agent acting on behalf of the applicant, said he was happy to close at 10pm.

He added: “The delivery time slot for the store is 8am to 10am; if that needs to be moved to 9am to 11am it can be done, but there will be no early morning or late night deliveries.

“This is not an application for an off-licence but for a quality and well-run supermarket/general store selling alcohol alongside the other products available.

“This store is to be a Londis convenience store offering a choice of big brands and daily essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables.

“This store will also have a Costa Coffee machine, so local customers can enjoy a fresh Costa Coffee on their doorstep.

“Londis have over 2,000 franchise businesses throughout the UK and the operators have to maintain extremely high standards to obtain the support offered.

“This applicant has another Londis store in Birmingham that he has run without issue for six years.”

Words: Kerry Ashdown, Local Democracy Reporter

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