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STAFFORDSHIRE: Pub firm wins homes appeal

STAFFORDSHIRE: Pub firm wins homes appeal

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A pub company has won its battle against South Staffordshire Council after a decision to refuse permission for nine new homes was overturned.

The application for homes to the north of the Waggon and Horses, Wombourne, was turned down by the council last year because of concerns that future residents would be affected by noise and disturbance.

The council received 16 objections to the plans. Reasons included an increase in traffic, the effect of a new junction on road safety and the impact of noise from the repositioning of the beer garden.

Marston’s Estates Ltd appealed against the decision and a planning inspector has now granted permission for the properties, as well as relocation of the Bridgnorth Road pub’s beer garden and reconfiguration of the car park.

The inspector’s report stated: “The council has maintained its concerns regarding the effect of noise and disturbance on the living conditions of future occupants of the proposed dwellings.

“I am satisfied, subject to the range of mitigation measures proposed, that the levels, frequency of occurrence, time of day and/or duration of noise and disturbance from existing traffic, the commercial and industrial units south of the B4176, deliveries and collections to/from the (pub) and existing plant at the (pub) would not harm the living conditions of future occupiers of the proposed dwellings.

“The proposed dwellings on plots 6 and 7 would be the ones closest to the reconfigured outdoor area, and therefore future occupiers of the dwellings on these plots would potentially be the most affected by noise and disturbance emanating from patrons using the outdoor area.

“With the proposed mitigation measures of a 2.4 m high acoustic fence and enhanced glazing and ventilation systems for the dwellings on plots 6 and 7, secured by conditions, I am satisfied that future occupiers of the proposed dwellings would not be adversely affected by noise emanating from patrons using either the outdoor or indoor areas of the (pub).”

Words: Kerry Ashdown, Local Democracy Reporter

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