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THUMPING MUSIC: Nightclub is ‘ruining our existence’

THUMPING MUSIC: Nightclub is ‘ruining our existence’

The site of Holloway Club - branded here as King VN, Image: Google Maps

A new licence for a Birmingham city centre nightclub will improve the situation for neighbours complaining of “thumping music”, a representative has argued.

Leaseholders of Holloway Club – which has most recently been branded as King VN in Holloway Head – are seeking a licence for the nightclub separate from an existing licence held by the building’s landlord.

The new licence had sought to replicate the hours permitted on the previous licence – but a Birmingham City Council licensing sub-committee meeting today heard the applicants were happy to reduce the hours applied for.

The nightclub caters for Chinese and Vietnamese students involving DJs and music, the meeting heard.

A total of five residents of nearby Concord House as well as the building’s property management company Haus Birmingham had objected to the new licence, citing existing problems with loud music.

Other matters referred to in the objections included that staff had allegedly “abandoned rotting rubbish for months outside their premises”.

Rudi Tayara, a resident and representative of Haus Birmingham said: “It is like we are inside the club when we are in the bedroom. It’s absolutely unbearable. It’s that bad that we can’t even sleep in our bedroom.

“Deliveries and rubbish pale in comparison to the thumping music that is clearly visible and we can feel it where we actually live. It’s absolutely ruining our existence here.”

The meeting heard opening hours being applied for are now reduced to up to 5am on Fridays and Saturdays with the existing licence stating the operation hours are up to 7.30am.

The venue would stay open to 3.30am from Monday to Thursday according to the new licence being applied for.

The meeting also heard applicant Hoai Le was happy to agree conditions requiring rubbish to be stored only in an external bin store to the rear of the premises.

Another condition was that the area in front of the building would be cleared of any waste before and after the venue operates.

Duncan Craig, a barrister representing the venue said the new licence with extra conditions agreed would provide a better situation for residents than the existing licence.

He said: “What is being applied for here is less and means he will have accountability […].

“The position will be that if this isn’t granted, the situation that he describes is more likely to continue in fact than if the licence is granted.

“For the residents, this is a better situation than the one that presently subsists which is frankly vague, woolly, nebulous – it’s just not a satisfactory state of affairs.”

The sub-committee consisting of chair Cllr Nicky Brennan (Lab, Sparkhill), Cllr Mary Locke (Lab, Stirchley) and Cllr Diane Donaldson (Lab, Bromford and Hodge Hill), will give a decision within five working days.


Words: Mark Cardwell, Local Demcoracy

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