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WALSALL: ‘Business as usual’ despite fuel crisis

WALSALL: ‘Business as usual’ despite fuel crisis

009.JPG Walsall Council House, photo George Makin. copyright Trinity Mirror

Vital council services in Walsall and Wolverhampton are operating as normal despite the current fuel crisis gripping the nation.

Authority bosses said they have been so far unaffected by supply issues for services such as bin collections and Meals on Wheels but urged people to purchase the amount they normally would.

Petrol stations across England are struggling to keep with demand as a result of panic buying which has seen desperate motorists forming long queues waiting to get on garage forecourts.

This week, the army was put on standby ready to deliver fuel tanks to garages in a bid to ease the crisis. The British Medical Association also caused for health workers to be treated as a priority with fears staff might not be able to drive to work.

Senior council figures said they will continue to monitor the situation, although it is hoped the worst of it is over and things will return to normal as soon as possible.

Councillor Oliver Butler, Walsall Council portfolio holder for Clean and Green said: “All Walsall Council services are continuing to operate as normal and are unaffected by any fuel supply issues.

“The government has emphasised that the UK’s fuel supply is at normal levels, many of those who are anxious will have filled up their cars now and things will begin to return to normal.

“People should only buy fuel in the amounts they usually do.”

At a meeting of City of Wolverhampton Council’s audit and risk committee on Monday (September 27), director of finance told members business continuity plans were in place to deal with the issue.

She said: “We have been reassured those plans are in place and the teams involved are looking at it to make sure we have got sufficient fuel.

“There are no particular concerns flagged with us so far but it has been kept under review and we do have contingency arrangements for different areas across the council.”

Words: Gurdip Thandi, Local Democracy Reporter

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