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LINE OF DUTY: What happened in Episode One of Series 6?

LINE OF DUTY: What happened in Episode One of Series 6?

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Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Line of Duty: Series 6 Episode One. Do NOT read if you haven't seen it.

Now is your final WARNING!


Line of Duty: Series 6 began last night on BBC One and the series, which is well-known for making its viewers ponder various theories has lived up to it's predecessors. There's a lot to discuss!

Kate left AC-12

DI Kate Fleming

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The most notable change this series is that DI Kate Fleming is not working aside DS Arnott and Ted Hastings and now works under series newcomer DCI Joanne "Jo" Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald). Kate is assisting the investigation into the murder of journalist Gail Vella. But when the conduct of said investigation lands on the radar of AC-12, Kate's involvement seems to rattle Hastings.

Also, what is the true extent of Kate's relationship with her new DCI?


Wait... So is Ted still under suspicion? 

Line of Duty

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Series 5 was a bit of a nightmare for "Gaffer" Ted Hastings as he was suspected of being the eponymous 'H' (whom we still haven't caught might I add... Watch this space!). But Kate and Steve did some good old detective work to uncover that a lot of the evidence against him had been orchestrated by Gill Bigelow – but does that mean that Hastings is entirely off the hook? Meanwhile, it seems the force have a watchful eye on the "Gaffer" this year!


Something's going on with DCI Davidson, isn't it?

Line of Duty

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Officer Jatri made a point of going to AC-12 with concerns about Davidson's judgements. She reported being worried about Terry's ability to have carried out Gail's murder, as well as Davidson's decision to divert and delay the operation by dealing with the armed robbery.

For most of the first episode, it seemed as though Farida was scared of her boss, and at the very end it became clear that they had actually been in a relationship. Their breakup seemed to be quite a bitter one, but Farida ended up breaking down in tears and begging Jo to stay.

We last saw Jo lock up her flat (an awful lot of locks too!) and throw a wine glass at a photo of her and what is assumed to be her Mother.

"She's dangerous" but just how dangerous?



Investigators had a lead on a suspect by the name of Ross Turner, who a CHIS (that's Covert Human Intelligence Sources to you and me) alleged had heard boasting about committing the crime. But the name threw up a negative on the national database, and so police were treating it as an alias.

A suspect, thought to be "Ross Turner", was arrested at the known address – a familiar face in Terry Boyle (more on him later).

Soon enough, the CHIS was found dead. Suspiciously, there was no CCTV at the scene and no witnesses to the supposed 'fall' – but some people had reported hearing a scream, suggesting he was pushed to his death.


Questions, questions, questions! Line of Duty: Series 6 Episode One is now available on BBC iPlayer. The series continues next Sunday at 9pm. 

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