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The presidents of both FIFA and UEFA have spoken of their unhappiness surrounding the proposed European Super League.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said they join UEFA and "strongly disapprove" of the plans to create a European Super League.

"We can only strongly disapprove the creation of the Super League," Infantino said at the UEFA Congress.

"A Super League which is a closed shop, which is a breakaway from the current institutions, from the leagues, from the associations, from UEFA, and from FIFA.

He went on to say that the clubs involved must either create the Super League, or be effectively banished from UEFA and FIFA competitions.

"If some elect to go their own way, then they must live with the consequences of their choice. They are responsible for their choice.

"Concretely, this means either you're in or you're out. You cannot be half in or half out."


Players to be banned from Euros and World Cup - Čeferin


His UEFA compatriot, Aleksander Čeferin, went a step further, calling the situation a "spit in the face" of football fans.

He also confirmed that players at the clubs involved would be banned from playing at the World Cup and Euros.

"We are all united against this nonsense of a project," he said.

"I cannot stress more strongly how everyone is united against these disgraceful, self-serving proposals, fuelled by greed above all else.

"[It is a] cynical plan, completely against what football should be. We cannot and will not allow that to change.

"Players who will play in the teams that might play in the closed league will be banned from the World Cup and Euros.

"We urge everyone to stand tall with us as we do everything in our power to ensure this never ends up in fruition.

"This idea is a spit in the face of all football lovers. We will not allow them to take it away from us."

The other 14 Premier League teams are due to meet and discuss the future of the "big six".

Meanwhile, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has called for a meeting of Premier League captains to discuss the situation.

European Super League: What we know so far


The new European Super League will have 20 teams in total in which teams will play midweek fixtures.

Clubs still plan on playing in their domestic leagues while competing in this new tournament.

However, UEFA and FIFA have told them that their players will be banned from competing internationally if the league is formed.

The Super League members are believed to be already taking legal action against these threats.


European Super League statement:


The clubs all put out a similar statement on their official websites as the news broke late on Sunday evening.

In it, they outlined the plans for the tournament and how they are proceeding from this moment.

The statement reads as follows: Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have today come together to announce they have agreed to establish a new mid-week competition, the Super League, governed by its Founding Clubs.

AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur have all joined as Founding Clubs.

It is anticipated that a further three clubs will join ahead of the inaugural season, which is intended to commence as soon as practicable.

Going forward, the Founding Clubs look forward to holding discussions with UEFA and FIFA to work together in partnership to deliver the best outcomes for the new League and for football as a whole.


Ramifications of the European Super League


Aside from UEFA and FIFA potentially banning players from competing for their countries, clubs could be banned from competitions.

Under Premier League rule nine, clubs must obtain 'prior written approval of the Board' if they wish to enter anything other than the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, FA Community Shield, Carabao Cup, or any other competition sanctioned by the county association.

That means should they start up the European Super League, the English teams could be booted out of the Premier League.

Obviously, without these teams in the Champions League and Premier League, that seriously damages the quality of the product.

Television rights could fall as a result, with the supporters of these clubs no longer involved in the tournament.

It could all be a ploy for more bargaining power when it comes to revenue from European competition.


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