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LEICESTER CITY: Life-long fan who is christened Wembley Lester

LEICESTER CITY: Life-long fan who is christened Wembley Lester

Image: SWNS

A life-long Leicester City fan who was christened 'Wembley Lester' hopes her name will inspire the team to FA Cup glory next week.

Wembley Lester Harrup, 57, was born on May 21, 1963 - four days before Leicester’s FA Cup final against Manchester United.

Her late father Jack Dewick, a painter and decorator, decided to name his newborn daughter after celebrating the birth with a few drinks in his local boozer.

Unfortunately, Leicester went on to lose the final 3-1 but Wembley hopes her name brings them luck for next Saturday’s clash with Chelsea.

The mum-of-two, who lives in Humberstone, Leicester, said: “My dad decided to name me Wembley Lester after he wet the baby's head with his mates in the pub.

Leicester City

Image: SWNS

“He went to the registry office while my mum was still in the hospital.

“At first the staff didn’t want him to put Wembley on the birth certificate but in the end they agreed because he was so insistent.

“I’m very proud of my name because I’m the first person ever called Wembley after the stadium.

“I actually really like my name, it’s very unusual and I’ll be cheering on the team next week.”

Despite being named after the iconic stadium in north-west London, Wembley has never actually been there.

She said: “It might sound daft considering I'm named after it but I have never been to Wembley, not even the old stadium and I haven’t ever seen the new one.

"I would obviously love to go one day but I'll be happy watching the match on TV."

Wembley, a gardener who has nine grandchildren, is a life-long Leicester fan along with the rest of her family who live nearby.

She added: “I have lived in three houses literally all a stone's throw away from each other in Leicester.

Leicester City

Image: SWNS

"My family are all made Foxes fans and we used to all live close to each other and talk about nothing else.

“I have always known about the reason behind my name since I was young and at school, I just knew that I had a different unusual name to other people.

“It’s definitely an ice breaker when we go to meet people for the first time.

“People always say Wendy and I have to tell them, ‘no it’s Wembley like the stadium.’ I do get some odd looks sometimes but mostly it’s positive.

“I don’t get to the games as much now other than when my brother comes over from Australia.

“So we just watch most of the matches on TV now.

“I’ve seen them play loads of times and have even been to the old Filbert Street back in the day.”

“I just really hope we win the final next week. I would love to be down there as I haven’t managed to as much because of Covid but I’ll be watching and cheering them on at home.

“Hopefully they can bring the trophy home.”

Words: Sophie Wheeler, South West News Service

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