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NOT DONE: Super League fans protests move on to wider issues


After halting the Super League plans through protests, fans are setting their sights on making more positive changes in football.

The fan protests at the club's grounds and backlash on social media forced withdrawals from the ones planning to break away.

If the movement showed anything, its that the fans hold all the power in football. Their ill-treatment is recent years may be at an end.

That's if there's a continuation of fans protests and make more change than just ending the Super League.

Racism in football and wider society needs addressing in this manner to wipe out the vile abuse thrown around.

UEFA's proposed new Champions League format has been slammed by players, managers and fans.

Ticket prices need to be forced downwards to make the game more accessible to the community that built these institutions.

Sky Sports paint themselves as doing their bit to save football and halt the breakaway, but sights are being set their way.

For too long, Sky Sports and BT Sport have charged extortionate amounts for fans to watch games on television.

Their obvious disinterest in supporters has been shown by how they schedule their live games.

They've alienated fans for years by forcing them to make trips across the country on Friday and Monday nights.

Fans are aiming to go right to the top to fix all of these issues.


Ownership representation protests from fans to come after Super League fiasco


A 50+1 ownership model is what fan's protests are now aiming at, giving them the say on how the club is run.

Manchester United fans plan to march ahead of their game against Liverpool to force their owners to comply.

The United Kingdom government, as well as football's governing bodies, are believed to be discussing how they can help facilitate this through law.

It would give supporters a way to make sure their club is looked after and its future decided by the people who keep it alive.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring the latest reaction to these protests across the coming weeks as football fans fight for change.

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