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BRUMMY MUMMY: Birmingham baby charity launches a West Midlands Mother’s Day Card

BRUMMY MUMMY: Birmingham baby charity launches a West Midlands Mother’s Day Card

Cards that say "Mom" to celebrate the midlands accent

Baby Aid Birmingham is selling bespoke Mother’s Day cards to raise funds to combat period poverty. The charity delivers essential aid to under 5s in Birmingham, as well as menstrual products to give new mothers dignity when they’re in financial crisis.

The bespoke card features the word, “Mom”, front and centre to celebrate the local accent, as well as fill a gap in the market. You can buy the cards: here!

Baby Aid Birmingham was founded by local residents, Nicky Brennan and David Barker, to provide support to families beyond what was already covered by food banks in the city.

Nicky is a councillor for Birmingham City Council, representing the Sparkhill ward. A single mother of three, Nicky had her first child at 16. She has spent most of her career in the charity sector, supporting women fleeing domestic abuse or at risk of homelessness. She recently won an award from the Aston Villa Foundation for her work with Baby Aid Birmingham.

Before setting up Baby Aid Birmingham, David had spent five years working with food banks across the West Midlands.

This hands-on experience of working with people in crisis gave him a deep understanding of impact of poverty and the lack of provision for families with young children. David had also worked in schools, as a journalist, and as a political campaign manager.

Of the card, David said, ‘Every year I see Mother’s Day cards with “mum”, “mam”, “mummy”, etc, but never “Mom,” which, as a Brummie, is what I’ve always called my own mom.

People outside the West Midlands make fun of it, but it seems strange to me that you can never find a card around here that reflects how people actually speak.’

Nicky said, ‘Moms are struggling enough to provide for their children at the moment, without having to worry about their own health. With the sale of these cards, we can ensure all the moms we support are provided with sanitary products, and even chocolates, as a treat this Mother’s Day so they know how loved and valued they are.’

This initiative coincides with Baby Aid Birmingham (BAB)’s first birthday in March. Since starting up at the outset of the pandemic, BAB has supplied thousands of essential aid parcels – typically made up of nappies, baby food, toiletries, clothes, and toys.

Only a few months ago BAB sold a bespoke Christmas card, which raised money to buy 200 children Christmas presents!

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