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CASSA JACKSON: New Single – Learning How to Love


‘Learning How To Love’ is the new single from sultry popstar CASSA JACKSON.

This singer-songwriter is the perfect storm of fierce work ethic and undeniable talent. Detailing the highs and lows of young love with an honest eye and memorable pop hooks, Cassa Jackson is the ideal musician to capture the essence of what it means to be a young woman in chaotic, carefree love. Cassa has over 4 million Spotify streams, with ‘Parallel Universe’ reaching 1 million streams alone. She has a whopping 126k Tik Tok followers, a testament to her raw natural talent. Three of Cassa’s songs were used in Season 2 of the popular American television series ‘Pandora’ on the CW, which also led to her featuring in an episode, performing her track ‘He’s No You’.

An epic pop song reflecting on the development of young love, ‘Learning How To Love’ depicts an imperfect relationship which overcomes the odds to remain true and beautiful. It’s a defiant song, one which works directly against the persuasive tug of social media to be unattainably perfect, and proves that beauty and strength in a relationship comes from hard work and dedication. At a young age, love and life are complicated things to navigate and Cassa has learnt that the ideal relationship is not perfect, but a process of learning how to love an entire person through the ups and the downs, combined with mutual love and support. Cassa is at the top of her game with this vocal masterpiece.

Cassa is trilingual and has just finished her finals at Bristol University reading French and Spanish. Her aptitude for languages has opened doors across Europe where she has worked closely with the Parisian duo sensation KLYMVX, recording at the Studio Grande Armée in Paris. She also has a track with renowned DJ Steff Da Campo which is due to be released in summer 2021. There’s no doubt that her wide understanding of how language works has enabled her to craft songs with lyrics which are universal and relatable, whilst all the time sticking true to her personality and her own passionate nature.

Cassa has received huge support from Melita Dennet at BBC Introducing in the South and five of her songs have been picked as ‘Track of the Day’ on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex (along with many others making the playlist). Cassa’s songs were played on Talk Radio and she was interviewed and performed live on the James Whale Show. Cassa has also been ‘House Artist of the Week’ on BBC Radio Bristol and recorded a ‘White Room Studio’ live session there. Cassa has also supported The Jacksons on their 50th anniversary tour in Spain.


Listen to ‘Learning How to Love’ here!

Or to find out more about the singer herself,check out Cassa’s Instagram here



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