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SHOWBIZ NEWS: Louise Minchin bids emotional farewell to BBC

SHOWBIZ NEWS: Louise Minchin bids emotional farewell to BBC

TV OUT. ALL BROADCAST WEBSITES OUT. No cropping permitted. EDITORS NOTE: We are advised that video-grabs should not be used by daily papers later than 48 hours after the broadcast of the programme, without consent of the copyright holder. For use in UK, Ireland or Benelux countries only. Video grab taken from the BBC of Louise Minchin on her last day presenting BBC Breakfast, the show which she first appeared on in 2001. Issue date: Wednesday September 15, 2021.

Louise Minchin told viewers she will see them “somewhere on the other side” as she presented BBC Breakfast for the final time.

The 53-year-old, who first appeared on the broadcaster’s flagship morning news show in 2001, was joined by her father Patrick, husband David, celebrity friends and colleagues for her final broadcast.

Seated alongside Dan Walker, her co-presenter of the last five-and-a-half years, she thanked him, saying it was due to him that she had stayed on the programme “much longer than I actually meant to”.

She added: “We’ve been through tough stories. We’ve been through tough programmes. The one thing has been absolutely clear… you always have my back. You’ve made me laugh, you made me roll my eyes, you pass me tissues when I cried…”

Minchin, who confirmed in June that she would be leaving the programme, thanked the BBC Breakfast team and viewers.

She said: “And finally, and kind of most importantly, to everyone who’s watching. It is really, really thanks to you for watching all of these years. You are absolutely at the heart of everything that we do. And it has… I feel proud, it’s been a privilege to sit here on the red sofa and report on our shared history. You’ve made me feel welcome in your homes, welcome in your hearts.”

Before her emotional speech, Walker said a long goodbye as he admitted: “I haven’t been looking forward to this day, as I’ve told you.”

He told Minchin: “From the minute I started with you on this amazing programme we got on. And, as I said earlier, it’s hard to find someone who makes everything so comfortable, but you are that person. That’s one of your special gifts. I don’t think we’ve had a single argument in our five-and-a-half years on TV, which is incredibly rare, if anybody knows anything about TV…”

“Also, there’s been a lot to deal with on this programme, you know, both on and off the camera. But I’m really proud and I feel very privileged that we’ve done and dealt with that together. And, you know, we’ve turned to each other when we needed each other and I don’t think that will ever change.”

He finished by saying he would “genuinely really miss you every single day. I get asked all the time at the minute ‘What are you going to do without Louise?’ I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”

Celebrities, sport stars and former BBC colleagues all featured in a video montage to say farewell, with fellow presenter Charlie Stayt saying it “has always been an absolute joy doing BBC Breakfast with you”, while Naga Munchetty described Minchin as “brilliant”, adding: “And I think you’re going to carry on being brilliant away from here…”

Minchin’s husband and her daughters, Scarlett and Mia, also featured.

Her former BBC co-presenter Bill Turnbull ended a moving tribute saying Minchin is “most of all a warm, sunny person who will always be my friend”.

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